Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Are YOU the Anti-Pope???

Yo kairos, as far as format and coloring, I'm thinkin' maybe an "offwhite"... or maybe some crazy-cool wallpaper...

But...uh...Anti-Popes! Did you guys out there know there were such things? I didn't, until I did some almost-pointless research! Thanks Google! Well, anti-popes are basically these rad dudes who didn't like all the "bad medicine" (according to them) that was going on in the church due to the officially-elected pope and named themselves pope.

One website actually calls Pope John Paul II an Anti-Pope. It's pretty crazy how people can be about things. The site lists "101 Heresies of PJPII" likely abusing the quote of Pope Leo XIII that reads "If anyone holds to one single one of these (heresies) he is not a Catholic." (from Encyclical Satis Cognitum:28). These guys have elected their own pope in his stead. I realize this may be just some fringe group of "Catholics" with scorpions in their knickers, but every once in a while it's pretty interesting, as mentioned before, the extremes we as humans can take when we believe strongly about things. To examine these extremes in others makes easier the examination of our selves because, in many ways, we know what to look for.

Anyone who has any questions about the tCC (True Catholic Church) can drop an email to the "papal secretary of Pope Pius XIII" here: sacerdos@verizon.net


If anyone cares, do a google search for these musical artists...they are awesome...download/buy some of their music...you wont regret it. The content/genre/yaddayadda of these guys is pretty varied, I'm too lazy to be more detailed, so use google. I pity the foo's who be usin' slow internet connections! Long live the jacking of neighbor(s) Wi-Fi connections!
- - The Chemical Brothers - - Darude - - Bloc Party - - mwillstedt - -
- - sonylasvegas - - Electra - - dcon - - Mike Shaw - - Electric Limosine - -
- - Disco Volante - -

- - AND MUCH MUCH MORE! - I'll list more cool music as I find/listen/am introduced to it. - -


And a cool bit of GraFik (I guess it appeared to top right of my post...dang blogger formatting stuff is not idiot-friendly) to make up for my lack of posting...(kkairos, stop bugging me and your mom about whether or not we've met your psycho "post-a-day" standard)...

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