Sunday, July 17, 2005

My First...Some sort of intro...More to come later!

Hi world. It's me, kokosmasher...holla atchya boi! You see, I'm a little more, let's say, "hip" than my partner in crime kkairos, so I can use words like BOI and ATCHYA. Expect some phat posts from yaboi smash.

Anyway, enough of the jibber-jabber. I was born in and currently live in Portland, OR with my great family. We are seven. We like to laugh. We need to go on some sort of vacation right about now. I am an entering freshman at George Fox University so expect to hear from me on my experiences there.

A tangent: At first, I was a little afraid (fear is a complex emotion, don't ever forget that) of all this "God-talk". Don't get me wrong, I'm a believer myself, but seriously...Do you people, in all your brochures, have to include the words "God" or "Savior" a minimum of twenty-seven times per paragraph. It's like geez, we hope your life is being guided by God if you're a Christian, but sooner or later, doesn't it just become known by one's actions, words, etc., that one is a Christian. It seems like a waste of air to me to have to mention these things every second, in every sentence. At second, I visited the school for a day and found that these people are, in fact, people, as opposed to a bunch of "God-Talkers". I suppose I was intimidated by the unfamiliarity of it all. "Would I end up talking like this?" "Would they strap me to some mechanic cot with tubes running through me...I dunno, brainwash me!?!?" I want objectivity, dag-NABBIT! (Is dag-nabbit hyphenated?)

I'll post later. Until then, go BRUINS whoopdewoo! Showday!!!


k-po said...

you lost me at hello

L-Po said...

Welcome Kokosmasher! Enjoyed your first post and hope to read more about your adventures at GFU.