Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Cripple in Colorado

I and the soccer team went to Colorado Springs.
We fought hard, but ended up losing 2 of 2 games.
I had fun, though. We did stuff.

The terrain is very flat in Colorado (not counting the mountains) and very high above sea level, at least where we were. 5000-6000ft or so, I think. Fun stuff.

Portland kicks the butt of any city I've been to in my life yet. Go P-Town!

Bye, then.

Actually, here's a fun picture before I go...makes for a good wallpaper:


L-Po said...

Do you think the altitude affected your team's play? Just wondering. Glad you enjoyed the road trip. Get well soon so we can see you play college ball.

kokosmasher said...

Most definitely...guys commented on not being able to catch their breath as well. The air was much thinner at about 6000ft above sea level.

llgp said...

And now the award for Best Use of Correct Grammar! "I and the soccer team..." Nice job of avoiding the prevalent, yet incorrect, use of "Me."
Most Memorable Phrase? "The terrain is very flat in Colorado (not counting the mountains)..." I love that one!
Glad you had fun in spite of not beating them.

k-po said...

sorry to hear about that sprain - those are nasty. i have never heard colorado referred to as flat. maybe you were in kansas dorothy.

p'jammers said...

I did, in fact, set that silly picture as my wallpaper... and it's actually pretty cool! "Ah lahk it ah laht!"
Thanks for the cool wallpaper picture!

p.s. The quote is Lloyd's on the movie DUMB AND DUMBER.

kokosmasher said...

I'm glad you like it! I'm probably going to post a wallpaper in my posts fairly regularly. I think it's a cool idea.

FYI: Most if not all the wallpapers are collected from, a cool website with some awesome artists.