Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh, it is true.

Europe in six days for me with the soccer team. I am wary. I am excited as well.

Immediately after the trip, school starts! Crazy stuff, eh? I am somehow looking forward to school more as I get closer to the first day...

Yep, that be the news from Joel's world, excluding much.

And, oh... It's true.


nana said...

i'm sorry. you may not go to europe. did you forget you are supposed to clean our carpets this summer? kids today! trading cleaning grandparent's carpets for europe with their peers. we are considering cutting you out of the will....daniel's granddad and nana

kerpo said...

what is true

kerpo said...

And, oh... It's true.

It is true that you are going or is something else true