Saturday, November 18, 2006

Apparently I Lied

Because while I'll eventually post one of my most bizarre recent dreams I don't feel like doing so now. HOWEVER this will serve as the announcement for a newer project of mine, the Christian Theology Board Game. I got the idea when Luke and Mike, a couple of Catholic friends of mine, had talked about making a Catholic board game, which it turns out was supposed to be more of a card-based deal.

Basically its purpose would be to be a vaguely educational and somewhat absurd and fun exploration of various ideas, figures and movements in Christian theology, using several seemingly random gamepieces and various cards. I don't want to say too much, but to keep myself on track I'm going to try and post a new "card" of some kind every Sunday. I'm going to post one now, which is the latest card design...If you dislike the card design please tell me ASAP.


nana said...

what is the difference between foreordination and predestimation? sign me up for a game. that must have taken a lot of work. did you study an equal amount of time. not nagging, just checking.

is it okay to say i love you where other people might see it?

llgp said...

I like the card very much, Daniel. Great design and dandy picture of Johnny! I was going to say that I thought you might want to flip the picture so he's facing to the right, given his theological perspective. Then I thought, no, he should be looking backwards. After all, what does he have to look forward to that hasn't already been determined in the past.