Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Imagine Being Joseph

So I'm thinking--if the Catholic church is right about Mary being sinless, how much would it suck to be Joseph? A lot and none.

Think about it. If you're Joseph that means you're the only one in your family capable of sinning. So anytime there's an argument and someone did something wrong, it's you. That's got to stink. A lot. Not saying Joseph necessarily had to apologize on all those occasions, but if on even half of them he did..well, it would kind of stink to be him.

On the other hand, I guess getting to share your life with a woman who doesn't screw up and a Kid who's the Savior of the human race doesn't rate too badly either. Maybe it just balances out, but it seems to have worked out well for him in the end.

After all, he is St. Joseph the Worker.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Apparently I Lied (Part II)

It's been a long week and I've got a crapload to do. Maybe I'll try for some new card sometime this week. By a crapload I mean a 1500 word philosophy paper on either the Ontological Argument or Religious Experience, plus a source analysis for history. That's not including reading and if I want to get an actual spiritual practice in, not that I really ever picked up on how. (I can still pull that off next week if I can get clarification from my professor on what exactly I'm supposed to do, and probably could've pulled off more this week than I did.) As far as reading goes my first priority is Augustine, then history, then my Responding to God stuff.

Later all, God bless.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

I was on retreat this weekend, so now I have to focus largely on homework. I know I could've had a card if I'd really tried but I didn't and I'm not going to. However, expect at least two cards next week.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Just So We Have This Straight

So here's the different names I'll be using to refer to my professors, because I don't think it wise to refer to them by name, because they're my professors. Not that I say anything really negative, but just in case. This list will be updated as needs be; so far it only includes people who are likely to be talked about within the next two posts or who have already been mentioned by their "title" as it were.

The Advisor refers to the guy who's teaching my Augustine class right now and who is the advisor for theology for probably a few people over half the current makeup of theology majors. He also taught my Modern Christianity class and is the same guy referred to as The Advisor regarding the Christmas Party.

The Chair is the chair of theology and hosted said Christmas party--he's been referred to as The Chair before.

The Historian is the professor teaching my western civilization class. She's pretty good.

The Theorist is the guy teaching my number theory class. He's the guy who walked 6 miles to get to UP on the snow day we had a long time ago, and so he's quite hardcore.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fun Without Profit

So I watched Saved! yesterday. I will say that even though quite a few people seem to have enjoyed it, most of the people I've heard praise the film aren't a part of the "target" group of the satire. So for me it may have been a bit of a different experience, because I'm a more conservatively-bent Christian. Honestly I thought the humor was pretty good overall and I appreciated what references there were to conservative Christian/Evangelical subculture. Of course a lot of it was overdone but that didn't keep it from being funny at all, which was good. They had a few good instances of physical comedy; I wish they'd gone a bit more in that direction because it could've enhanced the comedic aspect. As for the issues they dealt with, I felt that there was a good (if overdone) message about legalism, but I think the way the movie dealt with traditional morality may have been a bit harsh. It's one of those things where, it sort of seemed like characters seemed to lose the traditional Christian morality at the same time they lost their legalism, with a few possible exceptions. There were also some moral messages that just seemed wrong, even outside the realm of Christian morality I'd say they'd seem that way. In short despite some of the moral message being less appreciable, there was some truth in the critique of things like legalism in the Church, the right and wrong ways to do evangelism, and so on. I'd go into more specifics about the ambiguous moral messages but I don't really want to here.

Moving on there is the exciting conclusion of the Catholic card set today with the "Intercession of the Saints" card. This basically says that your church incorporates the doctrine of intercession which means it's an acceptable practice for one to pray to saints that they might intercede on one's behalf. It's sort of a complex issue.

Lastly, if you're interested, tune into KDUP, the UP campus radio station, at 10:00-12:00. Some friends of mine are doing a show and I figured I'd help them by hyping it a bit. Not that I have some big massive readership. Since you probably can't get it on the actual radio, you can go here to find out how to listen online. Enjoy.

Time to go do my Linear Algebra and whatnot now. Good day and God bless!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Saturday Night

I'm slowly and painfully going to be recommitting myself to getting homework done and doing so within the proper timeframes. So I'll be doing a decent amount of work tonight. To be fair though, I'll also be watching Saved! with some friends, so I'll be able to say how that went later. The only other productive thing I have to do tonight is complete the Catholic Set for the CTBG.

Also, who'd have thought doing the reading for number theory would lead to better comprehension of the material?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

D.Lo Responds to Responses to Responses to Post Comments

So here's a treat. Responses to post comments on a post where the main focus was a response to post comments. Cue the endless cycle. Also, new cards! You can see those on the left and read responses to responses to responses to post comments on the right, or in some cases see the cards on the right and read responses to responses to responses to post comments on the left. If that made no sense, ignore it and just keep reading.

L-Po: Please edit your blog to change "complements" to "compliments." We sent you to that big ol' University up there on that there bluff to get an edumacation ... now show us that you got some.
In other news, I think your family would love to test your game.

Changed the word spelling, and yeah, I think they would, too. As for showing you I've gotten some education, well, my plan for today is to go to breakfast in about twenty minutes, then do schoolwork (with general cleanliness stuck somewhere in) and mass at night. But aside from that I think I'm going to have to make schoolwork my only plan today. I got all my playing done earlier this weekend, so I don't have much choice.

L-Po: P.S. Note the time stamp on my post. I feel so cool ... like a college student.

Holy snap, you're up late! Doing work mostly, I'm guessing? If not I guess your college student just rubbed off on you or something.

nana: somewhere in my family history there were some Hugenots (okay, so I can't spell) but i can't remember where. I think your Mom found them, okay found out about them.
i think you are wonderful.

Hey, cool beans. I'd be interested to see this...(Mom, do you know which Huguenots she'd be thinking of?) Huguenots would've been pretty far back in the history, it seems. Also, you're wonderful, too.

br>nana: i forgot to say i would love to play the game, but only if you want to test it out on an over the hill, not very bright about Church history, "older" (REALLY older) person.

Oh, that'd be just great, actually. Thing is the game's intended to be quasi-educational so if people can learn stuff about other denominations from it then I'm all for that. If it starts discussions about differences with other Christians that's also good.

An explanation about the new card element. How does this card fit in with a Lutheran set? It doesn't, officially. But Pietism began under Lutheranism. So, if you get the full Lutheran set, plus Pietism, it will be treated in scoring as if Lutheranism was a four-card set instead of a three-card set. At any rate I have only a few minutes left before I must depart for lunch and then back here to do some massive amounts of homework of the everything variety. First up I believe is an essay for History regarding the scientific revolution and my primary sources, although I don't at all expect that to be the first thing done; the first thing done is definitely going to be some sort of reading. Maybe even my history reading, but let's not get too optimistic. (Not that none of it's interesting; rather that it's so agonizingly long and drawn-out.)

Good day and God bless!