Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Imagine Being Joseph

So I'm thinking--if the Catholic church is right about Mary being sinless, how much would it suck to be Joseph? A lot and none.

Think about it. If you're Joseph that means you're the only one in your family capable of sinning. So anytime there's an argument and someone did something wrong, it's you. That's got to stink. A lot. Not saying Joseph necessarily had to apologize on all those occasions, but if on even half of them he did..well, it would kind of stink to be him.

On the other hand, I guess getting to share your life with a woman who doesn't screw up and a Kid who's the Savior of the human race doesn't rate too badly either. Maybe it just balances out, but it seems to have worked out well for him in the end.

After all, he is St. Joseph the Worker.


k-po said...

you are so funny! i can't imagine being a pregnant virgin was a walk in the park, but then again she always gets all the attention. poor joseph. he was a pattern for all neglected husbands to come. you use the word crap quite a bit, did you know that.

llgp said...

You crack me up, McGee! That was quite funny in addition to succinctly bringing home the likely "plight" of what it may have been like to have been Joseph.

ape-woman said...

Hey, Daniel-san. This is your other auntie. You are insightful. You probably also need some sleep. What are you doing, taking 18 credits? Your brain is going to explode. Lots of love to you.

nana said...

I always like that you see the other side of things. Or maybe you just see things from all the angles. I had never thought about Joseph...he always seems kind of peripheral to the story line, but he was a person and he must have had feelings. He must have been a very good man to put up with all he had to put up with. But then, God knew that when he chose him, so...i guess it really all comes back to God, doesn't it? I always get hung up on how, from a mom's point of view, does one deal with a son who is also your saviour. Thank you for giving me another perspective. You are also a very good man. My darling Daniel.