Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fun Without Profit

So I watched Saved! yesterday. I will say that even though quite a few people seem to have enjoyed it, most of the people I've heard praise the film aren't a part of the "target" group of the satire. So for me it may have been a bit of a different experience, because I'm a more conservatively-bent Christian. Honestly I thought the humor was pretty good overall and I appreciated what references there were to conservative Christian/Evangelical subculture. Of course a lot of it was overdone but that didn't keep it from being funny at all, which was good. They had a few good instances of physical comedy; I wish they'd gone a bit more in that direction because it could've enhanced the comedic aspect. As for the issues they dealt with, I felt that there was a good (if overdone) message about legalism, but I think the way the movie dealt with traditional morality may have been a bit harsh. It's one of those things where, it sort of seemed like characters seemed to lose the traditional Christian morality at the same time they lost their legalism, with a few possible exceptions. There were also some moral messages that just seemed wrong, even outside the realm of Christian morality I'd say they'd seem that way. In short despite some of the moral message being less appreciable, there was some truth in the critique of things like legalism in the Church, the right and wrong ways to do evangelism, and so on. I'd go into more specifics about the ambiguous moral messages but I don't really want to here.

Moving on there is the exciting conclusion of the Catholic card set today with the "Intercession of the Saints" card. This basically says that your church incorporates the doctrine of intercession which means it's an acceptable practice for one to pray to saints that they might intercede on one's behalf. It's sort of a complex issue.

Lastly, if you're interested, tune into KDUP, the UP campus radio station, at 10:00-12:00. Some friends of mine are doing a show and I figured I'd help them by hyping it a bit. Not that I have some big massive readership. Since you probably can't get it on the actual radio, you can go here to find out how to listen online. Enjoy.

Time to go do my Linear Algebra and whatnot now. Good day and God bless!

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llgp said...

Dandy card with an even dandier picture. All that headgear and those great outfits get my ceremonial, spiritual sensory receptors firing. A bit to one side of the topic, but some day I'd like to hear some about views regarding pre-Christian "saints." Anyone praying to St. Noah, St. Abraham or St. Moses to intercede? Are they or are they not part of the great cloud of witnesses? Does being part of the pre-Christian chronology of the people of God preclude them from such a role even though they're now, presumably, not hedged in by any chronological boundaries?