Wednesday, January 30, 2008


XKCD is actually sort of sad today. (You should probably read this comic first to get context, though.) This is probably the one time I've really felt bad for the top-hat guy. Stuff like this is why XKCD as a comic is more spiritual and poignant than most of liberal Christianity. It's also an excuse to use my favorite "blargrequeafd" label!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Brief overview of my weekend and week:

I got to do Swing dance on Friday.
I got to go to a theology gathering at the Baastens' house on Saturday.
I got to do blues-dance on Saturday.
I get to do homework today. I also go to church, and I'm going to finish cleaning my room when this gets typed.
I get to go to class, work with Dr. Lum on making my proofs not suck, and do homework, and go to Swing club, and go to mass, on Monday.
I get to go to class, do homework, go to class again, and hopefully go dancing Tuesday.
I get to do class and homework on Wednesday. I might go to the basketball game.
Thursday is class, homework and CHUBS.
Friday is class, homework and slacking off.

I need to start readings and homework much, much earlier next week. As in, Thursday night. I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now, though:

I'm restarting my project of memorizing the epistle of James. I'm also improving as a dancer. I'm not ultra-good by any means, but stuff feels a lot more natural than it has in the past, and that's a good thing. Also, lindy-hop swing is very nice workout.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Fun Stuff Found in an Old Assignment Tracker

I was looking through my old notebook for keeping track of assignments. It's the one from my Senior year of high school. Most of the pages have been thrown out but I kept a scant few temporarily, as they have awesome quotations from different people. I think an old friend of mine, Marcus, is the leader. I'll list all the quotations followed by the person they came from following:

"I think I saw my life flash before my eyes." - Stephen
"Was it shiny?" - Marcus

"You got a lot of points. Too bad you're shooting at the wrong basket." - Marcus

"Surround yourself with smart people." - Marcus, probably

"I'll give you participation points if you can read my notes." - Marcus

"Today's gonna be a good day, because I don't have to go tomorrow." - Marcus. I'm pretty sure that "going tomorrow" refers to CIP work-days, but I'm not absolutely sure.

"And the majority of dorm windows don't have trampolines under them." - Mr. Huelskamp

Not that many if any De La Salle people will ever read this, but this one came from a poster in Mr. Z's room. I think the context was to make posters revolving around issues from the 1800s: "A slave is a slave no mater who owns him. Stay nutral / It for the best"

I also found two other things:


This was funny because when Mr. Boyle said it, I got this picture in my head of a king-kong sized Bill Clinton taking on the city of New York in the style of a giant-monster movie. As such it did at the time (and still today) strikes me as incredibly humorous. I believe the actual court case involved Clinton's ability to do a line-item veto, but I don't know.

Also, someone wrote "Hi Daniel!" randomly on my notebook. I think it was a girl, based on handwriting. Don't know who, though.

Anyway, I found this a fun ride. Hope you did too.