Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm Posting from the Library and Boy am I Busy

I'd planned on doing something uber-special for the 100th post, but I'll have to do something gimmicky instead, because this is the 100th post. So maybe Morgan and I can do the uber-retrospective post at, like, #105 or something.

Here's life: I'm starting in about five minutes research on a Bib-Trad paper (which, by the magic of being-able-to-use-my-own-interpretation-some, doesn't need as much research as the other), then continuing to Physics, probably at the Cove sometime around 12:00.

Wednesday is going to be busy. I seriously need to find some mechanism to get myself going in the mornings on the Tuesdays/Thursdays, because that might have saved me the Bib-Trad research I'm set to do now.

Here's more life: I've also got Spanish reading, but I've got a couple hours in the morning. So I can allot like 30 minutes of that to sleep (after breakfast) and then the rest of the time before 10:20 to studying Spanish. Then I use time between Spanish and Persuasion and Leadership to come up with review questions for the test. Ask said questions in Persuasion, taking massive note of what's going on so I don't totally screw myself over on Friday's midterm. Work as hard and fast as possible on Physics Lab (take that cleanly) Avoid going to Mass tomorrow (as I did today, but partly on the recommendation of a peer leader) because I don't have time then, either. Pray. Manage to get Bib-Trad paper done because all the Math HW will require is doing a bit of correction. Do anything possibly left on Bib-Trad paper on Thursday before class, and start reviewing for Persuasion midterm before class too. Pray that whatever quiz Physics professor gives is just an oxcarp quiz with no real content and that whatever Spanish professor dictates for Friday is merciful, because--lucky me--I get to go to Open Lab on Thursday to make sure I don't fall behind in labs any more than I already am.

(Sidenote there: I totally split from all groups as far as labs go, so I'm adjusting to solo lab-work. Depending on how stuff goes I might try and find a new lab-group...it won't be my old one, but not because I don't like my old group, but because a good friend's in that group so I'm too distracted.)

AND MORE LIFE: On Friday, fulfill minimal Calc/Spanish obligations, go to Persuasion and try not to fail the test (for bonus points I'll even try to get a good grade) AND doasmuchlabworkaspossibleinmyphysicslabandifthat'snot

hope that open lab's actually open this Sunday, as opposed to last Sunday when I couldn't get in.

Next week, be in a healthier homework cycle and free of the burdens of gigantic papers/stressful midterms, make an effort to watch Scrubs and go to hall mass Tuesday (neither of which I did today) and cut down on the Sudoku puzzles, especially during the week.

AND MORE LIFE: Don't worry, this one's cool. After Bib-Trad today I asked a couple of questions about reading and about the upcoming Thursday paper and I was complimented on my previous paper by my professor, which just about made my day. I'd rather not go into more detail than that here, because it's the internet and such. But it feels really good to hear you wrote a good paper.

Also, I had two queries involving the statement "You're a math major, right?" or something equivalent this week. One was being asked at the Philosophy table about the existence of numbers, the other was being asked about a derivative. Still, it's good to feel smart.

Okay, so it took me more than 5 minutes to write this. Look for a What the Hetts?! posting on Thursday, as that won't take too long to do. If you want to talk to me about something I should have time, but keep in mind I don't have a whole lot.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

What the Hetts?! #3: Dangerous Wi-Fi

Recently a story from Slashdot said that a Canadian university had banned wi-fi internet access due to possible health concerns. This article, a link from Slashdot, has the University official giving a further rationale. I know this is a sort of lame "what the hetts?!" moment, as it's not quite as absurd as the other two, but this is what I've got.

I guess I'd better start getting stuff checked out whenever I visit the Cove or Library, as each place offers a lot of Wi-Fi...

"What the Hetts?!"

Friday, February 17, 2006

What the Hetts?! #2: Drunk in Eastern Europe

In Vienna, Austria, a few birds began flying into buildings and, as a result, dying. Some people feared this was an effect of the avian flu. However, more research showed that this was not the case--the real situation was much funnier.

The birds were drunk.

"What the hetts?!"

Thursday, February 09, 2006

What the Hetts?! #1: Contrary to Common Sense

"What the Hetts?!" is a sort of family joke stemming from a cousin's pronunciation of the phrase "What the Heck". I've decided that every Thursday, I'm going to try and find a "What the Hetts?!" moment to share with my family and friends. This week is one that I've already shared with many of you. This one involves a prepubescent boy being suspended for an act which, for prepubescent boys, is by common sense impossible, except in the most depraved situations.

Oh yeah, and the kid should definitely be taught that it's inappropriate. But both genders of kids should be taught not to invite it or to do it. And suspending a child of this age of either gender for something of this magnitude seems a tad...over-the-top.

"What the Hetts?!"

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

From the Library

I just thought you all should know that although I do have Bib-Trad due tomorrow and a Physics Test on Friday I am certainly not dead. Whether I go to the Christie Hall retreat, at this point, depends upon whether or not I get too much homework.

With all luck my basic draft of the Bib-Trad paper is finished tonight, meaning I can work on editing tomorrow between classes and turn it in. Once that whole fiasco's done, all that's left is to look at stuff for Physics (could take a few seocnds) and probably get a jump-start on whatever Math I get that day. Oh, and finish whatever I'm putting off from today so that I can get this paper done. At the time of writing this, it's about 2 1/2 pages done.

I shall continue to write things.

-Update: I'm actually making decent headway, and might be able to start slacking off (i.e. be done with this basic draft) by around 11:00 PM. Theoretically at that point I should do other homework, but I think at this point I'll just squeeze it in on Thursday. (this update as far as I know happened a bit before 9:00 PM.)

-Update #2: Okay, I slacked some. The good news is that I'm about to hit five pages and am on my concluding paragraph. So I might need to make it longer if a lot gets edited out, -but- at this point I'm good.