Friday, February 17, 2006

What the Hetts?! #2: Drunk in Eastern Europe

In Vienna, Austria, a few birds began flying into buildings and, as a result, dying. Some people feared this was an effect of the avian flu. However, more research showed that this was not the case--the real situation was much funnier.

The birds were drunk.

"What the hetts?!"


k-po said...

you are funny

nana said...

i am looking forward to Thursday, the 23rd. It was my dad's (your great-grandfather's) birthday. We are the Strange family. your mom's grandma great was born on the 21st, meredith on the 22nd, my dad on the 23rd and granddad on the 24th. What a run of people.

Loving you, i remain,
your nana

nana said...

p.s. the other reason i am looking forward to Thursday, of course, and the reason i started this, was because i am looking forward to your what the hetts column.

Still loving you, i still remain
your nana