Wednesday, February 08, 2006

From the Library

I just thought you all should know that although I do have Bib-Trad due tomorrow and a Physics Test on Friday I am certainly not dead. Whether I go to the Christie Hall retreat, at this point, depends upon whether or not I get too much homework.

With all luck my basic draft of the Bib-Trad paper is finished tonight, meaning I can work on editing tomorrow between classes and turn it in. Once that whole fiasco's done, all that's left is to look at stuff for Physics (could take a few seocnds) and probably get a jump-start on whatever Math I get that day. Oh, and finish whatever I'm putting off from today so that I can get this paper done. At the time of writing this, it's about 2 1/2 pages done.

I shall continue to write things.

-Update: I'm actually making decent headway, and might be able to start slacking off (i.e. be done with this basic draft) by around 11:00 PM. Theoretically at that point I should do other homework, but I think at this point I'll just squeeze it in on Thursday. (this update as far as I know happened a bit before 9:00 PM.)

-Update #2: Okay, I slacked some. The good news is that I'm about to hit five pages and am on my concluding paragraph. So I might need to make it longer if a lot gets edited out, -but- at this point I'm good.

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nana said...

glad to see you back. and at a decent hour. keep at it. remember we have a deal for this term/quarter/semester/whatever they call it at your school. if you don't do the 5, the bonus points go to your folks. loving you, i remain,
your devoted nana