Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Academic Realizations

(Upon reading this post you might wonder why I'm taking the time to blog. Relax, dear reader. Most of the Physics is done at this point. This is approximately a ten-minute break before Spanish, and I've been working decently up till this point.)

After another late night at the Cove (the assignment didn't get finished then, but should be finished to the best of my ability by class time. It's physics, which means certian problems I'm just not getting at all, some I'm getting most or all of, and the rest are in-betweens)--after another late night at the Cove I decided to apply a sort of Biblical instruction to the academics...I'm going to do my homework as if I were doing it for the Lord. What this means is my planner-book is going to get used a lot more. I've even deveoped a generic notation, which gives the class's three-letter subject abbreviation, a date, and what I'm supposed to do with it (B for begin, if it's the first day of the assignment, W for work on it, if it's a weeklong assignment like Physics, and F for finish if the assignment needs to be done that day.) There's also a date, which tells me which date to check in my assignment book or syllabus for the actual assignment. Oddlly enough, those are all grade symbols--but I trust those who see the book will see the difference.


I anticipate that the inital Physics homework will be at a mediocre-to-slightly-above average range. Again, I'd like to note that the way I put off the Physics homework was unacceptable to myself--maybe not as much as it is for my folks, but it still is to me--and that it's that assignment primarily which prompted me to start the above habit. I anticipate that the initial Physics lab will be fine, however. There's also some small extra credit I can do this semester, basically whenever someone comes to speak about Physics things. So I'll be taking up at least one of those offers, more if I discover there's more extra credit.

Spanish is going pretty well. I'm really enjoying the class. I survived my first oral presentation as far as the personal aspect of those things goes, but I don't have the academic evaluation yet, so we'll see how that goes. If I did anything major wrong, it's the length. I felt like I was very short with my presentation.

Calculus is...I'm doing the homework. I don't know how his grader works yet, so I can't really say much in that department. That's another subject I could probably use to work a little harder on.

Persuasion is going alright. I'm enjoying the class enough, and I just finished today's assignment this morning. I'm not sure how I'm going to do on it, though. I'm being asked for a fairly specific sentence format, and I'm not sure if I followed it closely enough. If I tried to cram everything in it seemed the sentence got quite awkward. I'll find out what I need to do different when I get the assignment back, I suppose.

Theology isn't going too badly. I actually wrote that analysis before I was supposed to, and in a string of events I'll share later I wound up sharing the Mark transfiguration passage with another person in Biblical Traditions. The good news there is that I've got that done with, so I only have two readings plus the one I managed to miss on the weekend's syllabus to do today / before 2:30 tomorrow. Although I think that would actually be today, because they're marked "F" on the to-do list. I really need to change it to something like "BEG" "WRK" and "FIN"--it's got too much potential to give the wrong impression.

Anyway, off to Spanish. Good day and God bless.


nana said...

Do you know one of the things i really like about you, Daniel? No? Well, i'll tell you. one never really has to nag because you do it to and for yourself. makes it easy on the nagger although it is kind of hard on the professional nagger like me because who can i nag if you are nagging you? OH! I KNOW! GRANDAD HASN'T DONE ALL HIS CHORES YET. BYE. GOTTA GO! nana

Anonymous said...

(it's Joel) Nana: you are funny!

llgp said...

A wise man once said, "Study, study, study!" His name was dad.
Sounds like you've got a decent plan. Just remember that if you "mess up" for a day or two, just start fresh the next day. Don't be too harsh with yourself, but don't wallow around in the mess either.