Sunday, January 22, 2006

Please Feel Free to Nag

I started off my first week on a good note, doing quality work in my Spanish class, doing my best to pay attention to Calculus assignments and do them, and working well in the other three classes as well. However, by Thursday I found myself slipping into some old habits, which continued through today. (The notable exceptions: I not only did the Spanish homework for Friday, I later found out I didn't even have to do it. And I did have everything else that was required on Friday done by classtime Friday (and in the practical sense on Friday, although the Spanish I believe to have strecthed into the early AM hours. Also, I've got my THE 205 readings done for the weekend.) I've decided that I need to establish some more concrete goals academically. "Do better in school" isn't gonna cut it, really. As much as I'll regret this I am giving adult commentators on the blog (and other youth/young adults, if you are still reading this and really want to) permission to nag me via blog comments about whether I've done what needs doing that day, and maybe even a bit more. And now comes the thing I promised, except only to my parents. Here's how courses sound after Week 1 (in the order that they first appear on the schedule.) Commentators who know other things about the professors not mentioned here are asked to keep them to themselves...I'm trying to maintain their anonymity. And while naming my friends with first names doesn't really give them away, doing that or last names with professors will...Please just don't mention stuff about the professors unless I mention it first.

MTH 202 - Calculus II. I like this professor. He seems cool. The course picks up a bit before where my high school Calculus class left off. I actually have Thursday's and Friday's homework to do for this one this weekend, because the days it's due are Monday and Thursday and, as said before, my old habits made a hopefully brief return.

SPN 302 - Conversational Spanish. I like this class. Got an oral presentation this Monday, which hopefully will not kill me. But my first written assignment got full credit, which was awesome. The one she showed before it was an example of less-than-full-credit work, so when I saw mine up on the board I thought I was going to get...well, less-than-full-credit. But then the professor began talking about the vocabulary and the structure and said it had gotten full credit. Basically, written assignments won't be so much of a problem if I do what I did with this one--actually put some effort in, dictionary included--and on top of that proofread for what Spanish errors I do know how to catch. The professor for this class is cool...she has a decently-thick accent, but that'll be better for me in the long run.

CST 100 - Communication and Leadership. My professor calls it communication to emphasize that leadership isn't just about persuasion but also about dialogue, to suggest that it should be more about democratic meetings and less about authoritarian orders. Something like that, anyway. I despise one of my textbooks, but I'll take away one or two things from it. I love the other textbook, because the guy talks to me like I'm a human being and not just an information processor. My understanding is I need to read the next chapter of each textbook for next week, or something along those lines. This professor seems cool and seems interested in helping us learn the material.

PHY 205 - General Physics II. This is a different format from the last one. This time there's lecture for an hour and then an hourlong lab. It's stuff that we started covering about 2/3rds of the way through senior Physics, stuff about energy and coulombs and all that jazz. Vectors are involved. I'm not sure, but it sounds like some students take Vector Calculus in conjunction with or before taking Physics II. Homework's due Wednesday, but after the other stuff's done I'll make sure to at least look it over and start doing some problems. The professor for this class actually told us they wanted to hear us talking about the example problems, as opposed to telling us not to talk at all, which was a nice surprise.

THE 205 - Biblical Tradition and Culture. Also known as "BibTrad" this huge-honkin' class has a reputation for huge-honkin' papers. I've chosen my passage, picked my poison, as it were. I'm doing my paper/analysis thing on the transfiguration. The class should actually be alright, especially considering as a Freshman in BibTrad I'm sort of unexpected. But I won't really know for a bit. The thing that's due Tuesday for this class is an analysis of the wording of the passage. The professor is nice and seems cool. I had a bit of trouble staying awake in class Thursday, which was my fault for being up so late. Hey, I'm doing it again!

Finally should I find much spare time tomorrow I need to begin Alice's Adventures in Wonderland again. I should probably just start from the start again. The guy whose Alice's Adventures in Wonderland I have has my copy of Orthodoxy. It should be fun, because we've each got books that mean a lot to us that we're getting the opportunity to share with each other.

I also need to work on establishing a routine for my current Megazeux project, which is a trading-card game as-of-yet officially unnamed. Not sure what it'll be yet, but at this point the plan is to establish that along with other things, such as eating fewer unhealthy things and doing homework in a more efficient manner.

That's the latest post. Enjoy.


nana said...

I am very proud of you, Daniel. Just remember that Rome was not built in a day and replacing old habits can take time so don't be too hard on yourself. On the other hand, keep challenging yourself to meet your goals (not to do better). I think I would not love your classes other than maybe BibTrad although i probably wouldn't understand it just like i wouldn't understand physics or any of the other classes you have. if you saw the paper you saw that Mayor Potter quoted from Alice in Wonderland in his state of the city speech. Hmmmmm. Is he Alice and is Portland Wonderland? Probably not. Again, i am proud of you and am looking forward to seeing how you face your challenges and then meet them and take them captive. You are one of my heroes.

k-po said...

oh boy. a free license to nag. i am going to have to gear up for this.

but aside from that. take it from someone who is not on the same educational plane as you - it is fun to have fun and stay up late - you have the rest of your life to do that. you get one chance at these classes. don't blow it by staying up late, blowing off homework, etc. i am quite envious of you and your brain and the opportunity you have at college - so think with the left side of your brain - or whatever side of the brain women think with - and get organized. ooh. i can't wait to blnag (as in blog/nag) you again

k-po said...

so how is it going today. i need an update so i know what to nag about. i can't wait to see you this weekend and get the scoop. study first, play later.