Friday, March 23, 2007

Life Doesn't Suck

It really doesn't. I mean there's going to be loads of pain the next couple of weeks to make up for procrastination / Encounter, really doesn't. I've got a crapload of Mechanical Engineering friends who through observation or through conversation remind me just how good I have it, even as a double-major (most of them are juniors, which is arguably the toughest year in one of the toughest majors). The grades that have come back indicate that my worst possible test prediction has been fulfilled. However I discussed stuff with the professor of that class and she believes that my good paper grades more than balance it out. The great news about that test grade is I only failed the objective miserably--the essays were fine. I don't know yet about my second-worst test prediction but I probably will know by the time I go on retreat.

All in all, life doesn't suck--for which I thank God.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Time to go Face my Doom

By which I mean my Linear Algebra Test. I don't actually expect to fail it horribly, but the way it sounds it'll be nice if he decides to drop a test grade. Overall, though, I'm actually in a fairly good mood because once this is over, assuming I don't die mid-test, I'll know I'm pretty much safe for the rest of the week.

UPDATE: I'm not dead!

Also, I am majorly thanking God for the fact that a certain relative of mine remained (relative to what could've been) safe in her car accident ordeal.

Consider this update as being highly disorganized writing, more as-it-comes than anything. Christie Pub is tonight which will be a good event although I'm going to have to work hard to get number theory done just in case The Theorist actually comes in tomorrow in time to teach the class and collect the work. He's currently working on a more important project which is being with his wife while she delivers their baby.

Also Housing Selection night is Thursday. A good friend is going for one of the double-singles in the current wing; if at all possible I'll be taking the single-single next to it.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anyone Got a Card Idea?

Like the title says, does anyone have a card idea? I'm...out of them, it seems. I have the Wesleyanoctrine of Perfection in the back of my mind and am thinking some about Dispensationalism, but any others? Not necessarily beliefs connected with a given denomination, of course.

Also I watched like seven movies this break. That were new to me.

The Dark Crystal - muppets go on fantasy adventures with (un)intentionally comic elements. Not really sure how much comedy was supposed to be comedy.
Man on Fire - Denzel Washington kicks butt and takes names in a dramatic fashion.
X-Men 3 - A bunch of stuff blows up, then more blows up. Random crazy stuff happens that raises some interesting ethical questions. Then there's a climax and the movie ends.
The 300 - A bunch of people die. Then more people die. All in a crazy comic-book fashion. Then more people die. Then the movie ends.
Back to the Future (minus the first ten minutes or so) - Marty goes back in time and his parents almost don't get together--then they do.
BttF Part 2 - Marty goes to the future where other things screw with the past, the present and the in-between. Continued in part 3.
BttF Part 3 - Doc Brown gets sent to 1885 at the end of part 2, where of course Marty comes to rescue him.

Also, I caught Princess Mononoke about twenty-thirty minutes in and watched that, but I've seen it before and I missed too much to count it anyway. That was quite a week. It was fun, too. Not sure how I feel about going back to school.

So Princess Mononoke - There's a war and lots of things die. Not all people in the human sense of the word. There's a climax with a gigantic lesson, and the movie ends.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm Surviving Midterms

So I'm surviving midterms! At least, I'm not dead from them. Even if I make negative assumptions about my grades (we're talking assumptions of C-range grades here) I should be fine in each case, or at the very least able to pull my grades up to an A or B by the end. My biggest worry is that my least-grade-secure class will be the one where that assumption actually happens, in which case I could actually have a less-than-midrange-B grade to pull up. Philosophy happens tomorrow and I feel pretty prepared; the only other thing I really need to deal with is a math assignment due Friday. So I'm feeling pretty good.

Also, Spring Break is just around the corner. That will be fun.