Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Time to go Face my Doom

By which I mean my Linear Algebra Test. I don't actually expect to fail it horribly, but the way it sounds it'll be nice if he decides to drop a test grade. Overall, though, I'm actually in a fairly good mood because once this is over, assuming I don't die mid-test, I'll know I'm pretty much safe for the rest of the week.

UPDATE: I'm not dead!

Also, I am majorly thanking God for the fact that a certain relative of mine remained (relative to what could've been) safe in her car accident ordeal.

Consider this update as being highly disorganized writing, more as-it-comes than anything. Christie Pub is tonight which will be a good event although I'm going to have to work hard to get number theory done just in case The Theorist actually comes in tomorrow in time to teach the class and collect the work. He's currently working on a more important project which is being with his wife while she delivers their baby.

Also Housing Selection night is Thursday. A good friend is going for one of the double-singles in the current wing; if at all possible I'll be taking the single-single next to it.

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