Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anyone Got a Card Idea?

Like the title says, does anyone have a card idea? I'm...out of them, it seems. I have the Wesleyanoctrine of Perfection in the back of my mind and am thinking some about Dispensationalism, but any others? Not necessarily beliefs connected with a given denomination, of course.

Also I watched like seven movies this break. That were new to me.

The Dark Crystal - muppets go on fantasy adventures with (un)intentionally comic elements. Not really sure how much comedy was supposed to be comedy.
Man on Fire - Denzel Washington kicks butt and takes names in a dramatic fashion.
X-Men 3 - A bunch of stuff blows up, then more blows up. Random crazy stuff happens that raises some interesting ethical questions. Then there's a climax and the movie ends.
The 300 - A bunch of people die. Then more people die. All in a crazy comic-book fashion. Then more people die. Then the movie ends.
Back to the Future (minus the first ten minutes or so) - Marty goes back in time and his parents almost don't get together--then they do.
BttF Part 2 - Marty goes to the future where other things screw with the past, the present and the in-between. Continued in part 3.
BttF Part 3 - Doc Brown gets sent to 1885 at the end of part 2, where of course Marty comes to rescue him.

Also, I caught Princess Mononoke about twenty-thirty minutes in and watched that, but I've seen it before and I missed too much to count it anyway. That was quite a week. It was fun, too. Not sure how I feel about going back to school.

So Princess Mononoke - There's a war and lots of things die. Not all people in the human sense of the word. There's a climax with a gigantic lesson, and the movie ends.


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