Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm Surviving Midterms

So I'm surviving midterms! At least, I'm not dead from them. Even if I make negative assumptions about my grades (we're talking assumptions of C-range grades here) I should be fine in each case, or at the very least able to pull my grades up to an A or B by the end. My biggest worry is that my least-grade-secure class will be the one where that assumption actually happens, in which case I could actually have a less-than-midrange-B grade to pull up. Philosophy happens tomorrow and I feel pretty prepared; the only other thing I really need to deal with is a math assignment due Friday. So I'm feeling pretty good.

Also, Spring Break is just around the corner. That will be fun.

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k-po said...

when is spring break and what are your plans? a couple of kids just got smash bros and talk about you all the time. maybe you would like to grab a controller and hang out a bit. oh, by the way, i'm surviving motherhood :-)