Friday, March 23, 2007

Life Doesn't Suck

It really doesn't. I mean there's going to be loads of pain the next couple of weeks to make up for procrastination / Encounter, really doesn't. I've got a crapload of Mechanical Engineering friends who through observation or through conversation remind me just how good I have it, even as a double-major (most of them are juniors, which is arguably the toughest year in one of the toughest majors). The grades that have come back indicate that my worst possible test prediction has been fulfilled. However I discussed stuff with the professor of that class and she believes that my good paper grades more than balance it out. The great news about that test grade is I only failed the objective miserably--the essays were fine. I don't know yet about my second-worst test prediction but I probably will know by the time I go on retreat.

All in all, life doesn't suck--for which I thank God.

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llgp said...

I think I'm sufficiently recovered from the heart attack brought on by your comments regarding your test scores to suggest a card idea. What about Antinomianism? Would that fit into the game?