Thursday, February 09, 2006

What the Hetts?! #1: Contrary to Common Sense

"What the Hetts?!" is a sort of family joke stemming from a cousin's pronunciation of the phrase "What the Heck". I've decided that every Thursday, I'm going to try and find a "What the Hetts?!" moment to share with my family and friends. This week is one that I've already shared with many of you. This one involves a prepubescent boy being suspended for an act which, for prepubescent boys, is by common sense impossible, except in the most depraved situations.

Oh yeah, and the kid should definitely be taught that it's inappropriate. But both genders of kids should be taught not to invite it or to do it. And suspending a child of this age of either gender for something of this magnitude seems a tad...over-the-top.

"What the Hetts?!"

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nana said...

well, what the hetts! life happens. so do suspensions. sometimes you get suspended for the darndest (pardon my swearing) things. and when you do and they call you in and say you can come back to school now, and you say, "no" then they don't know quite what to do. sometimes they even apologize. which is really dumb. can't anybody stand up for their principles/principals? And that is my rant for the day. Please excuse my "darndest." Your mother was not allowed to use that word along with gosh, gee, golly, heck, and etc. How the mighty parents have fallen. And it is all the fault of Napoleon Dynamite. Gosh!

Guessing you are retreating, but hope you are really advancing.

What is your e-mail again? Got an e=mail from nate he wanted passed on to family whose e-mail he didn't have and couldn't do it because i don't know who you are these days.

Loving you, i remain your devoted,