Monday, February 12, 2007

Just So We Have This Straight

So here's the different names I'll be using to refer to my professors, because I don't think it wise to refer to them by name, because they're my professors. Not that I say anything really negative, but just in case. This list will be updated as needs be; so far it only includes people who are likely to be talked about within the next two posts or who have already been mentioned by their "title" as it were.

The Advisor refers to the guy who's teaching my Augustine class right now and who is the advisor for theology for probably a few people over half the current makeup of theology majors. He also taught my Modern Christianity class and is the same guy referred to as The Advisor regarding the Christmas Party.

The Chair is the chair of theology and hosted said Christmas party--he's been referred to as The Chair before.

The Historian is the professor teaching my western civilization class. She's pretty good.

The Theorist is the guy teaching my number theory class. He's the guy who walked 6 miles to get to UP on the snow day we had a long time ago, and so he's quite hardcore.

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