Sunday, July 08, 2007

More of the time in Morelia

Okay, here's another rundown, from Monday to today.

Monday: School as usual. Dance class at night. We "learned" the Merengue which means if we get another chance to go out dancing I might remember about 20 seconds' worth of it. The others might do better. Hopefully if I ever try dancing it with someone, they'll remember the same 20 seconds.

Tuesday: School as usual again. I didn't go to the arts and crafts class at night but we got together for someone's birthday to go to the park and play some soccer with the locals. That was a load of fun.

Wednesday: Field trip to a home for formerly massively impovershed and/or abused girls, some of whom have even apparently been in prostitution...They were all so young and full of life. It's kind of sad to think of any of them having been in those situations. In the evening most of us went on a short downtown tour, dinner with our trip's professor (who paid), and some of us went to a party that one person's host family threw, which was pretty cool.

Thursday: Field trip to the Red Cross. Soccer in the evening.

Friday: Went to a restaurant called San Pancho. Pretty nice place, and good food.

Saturday: The school trip was to Patzcuaro and then to Santa Clara. We bought some things. I got some OVEN MITTS for the family back in the USA.

Sunday: Pretty much just this session at the internet cafe for me, although some friends went to the zoo and were gonna watch the Mexico-Paraguay game.

Also, a friend told a story on the way back from Thursday's soccer about a game of would you rather that involved this question: "Would you rather roll around in a pile of dog crap or small fart for the rest of your life?"

Well, which would you rather?


L-Po said...

Oh, if only I was in college again and could ponder life's REALLY BIG questions ... you know, the ones about dog crap and farts. For the record, I would prefer the fart smell.

llgp said...

I'm voting for rolling around in dog crap once (then taking a very thorough shower) over permanent fart odor perception.

L-Po said...

Okay, I'm confused. Is it dog crap forever versus fart smell forever? Or is it dog crap once versus fart smell forever? Please clarify as I may have to change my answer.

D.J. Lower / KKairos said...

Dog crap once. But she said the catch is you have to ROLL in it. Not quickly. Sounds like at least five minuites of hard-core dog-crap rollage.

Xeirxes said...

dog-crap rollage, oh man. but it's not as bad as the small fart. in fact, if you could throw in a small extra benefit; if i roll in the dog crap, for 5 minutes, i would never have to fart again. that would be great.

but yeah, i'm leaning towards dog crap.

speaking of which, sharp cheddar cheese is pretty salty. working on being the salt of the earth? :D

kerpo said...

daniel - where is your blog for this week. i need to know how things have been going at the disco! very proud of you. send more pictures.