Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yay, School

Funny news story:

This is pretty much the ultimate prank, and pretty awesome for a high school student. How do you guys feel about the punishment given? I almost think it was a little bit harsh.

Update on School:

Classes are going. That's about all I can really say about them right now, is they're going. Not badly or well, necessarily. I haven't missed any homework (which reminds me, I need to read Jonah for tomorrow) and I'm adjusting to the three-class block I have Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I also like my Thursdays (just Differential Equations, nothing more!)


L-Po said...

How's the social life?

wildweasel said...

Suspension for a prank like that? Reminds me of Cheyenne Mountain - their senior class prank involved lifting the security team's golf carts onto the cafeteria roof. The principal told those students involved that they would not be able to walk at graduation. I think one person actually had his scholarship revoked.

So I guess these people think it's right to ruin somebody's academic life when something was done in good fun. (And people think that I have no sense of humor.)

llgp said...

Sometimes life just goes... and that really is alright. It's okay to spend sometime between the ebb and the flow. In fact, it is an inevitable aspect of human existence to occupy that space.