Friday, September 21, 2007


Going to FX tonight with Matthew and Stephanie. Plus a friend of each, and some friends of one of those friends. Apparently. A couple of friends of mine have each heard that it is "sketch." Another friend, Christopher Bonebrake, has actually been. He did not like it.

X is an under-21 club in Portland. It's sort of funny; I may have to wait until I am 21 till I can go someplace that satisfies my more conservative sensibilities as far as atmosphere and type of dancing involved (or even type of music involved.) Of course, none of this has been confirmed. I will have to see for myself just how "sketch" everything is.

Anticipating electronica/hip-hop mixture of some kind and a lot of dirty dancing. No, I will not take part in the dirty dancing. But if the groove is solid enough I may dance, period. For now, enjoy this video. It might look like it's going in a "sketch" direction. It isn't. It's just funny--and horrifying. It's the video for a song by a band called Pendulum called "Slam."

Any drum'n'bass band willing to pull this as their video has to have balls. Though a friend of mine pointed out to me that it may be a parody of another band's more serious video. Either way.

Also, 100% on my first Computer Science Exam. Hooray!

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L-Po said...

What the hetts does "sketch" mean? Google, here I come! I thought the video was LOL funny. I didn't think it was horrifying at all.