Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Just...

I can't vote Obama.

He's. Just. Too. Pro. Choice.

It's just too much. I can't. People can scream at me all day to keep theology out of politics. I no longer care, as much as I respect their opinions and rights thereto.


L-Po said...

I think one sign of maturity is integrating the different aspects of your life. In my opinion, compartmentalizing just leads to confusion.

Anonymous said...

hey there stud - i have to agree with you. i actually didn't cast a vote for president - there were too many cons for both that i couldn't decide.

your dear cousin asked me the other day to tell him what was wrong with homosexuality, BUT, I had to take God out of my answer. we had a nice discussion on anatomy. but it goes with what you blogged. as a Christian - a follower of Christ - not "church" or "religion" but of the Man and his Father - i can't take God out of my answers because He is my answer. regardless of who is in office people are still going to do what they want to do - abortion or speeding or cheating on their husband and taxes - just now people can say the president said it was okay to ease the conscience - wait until after they have had an abortion and if the prez will pay for the counseling they will be in life long - love you oh nephew of mine