Monday, November 09, 2009

A Thick Slice of Mild Cheese (Uncensored/Unformatted...)

A Thick Slice of Mild Cheese by the "K-man" (unformatted)

I just might be:
Introspective to a fault
Need to put my thoughts to action; limited time
A rhyme a waste of mine?
But there is power in a line
One must not forget
Not talking Hardy Boys; Frank and Joe; or fatty Chet

Attempts to engage the mysteries of life
Not fearing strife, but engaging it, sometimes abating it
Not stating it, debating it

Learning from mistakes
Takes some guts
And over time one hopes to avoid ruts
Making time flow not fly
Minding the who, where, when, and sometimes why

Keeping it really real:
I get high, I lie, I cry, I shy
Away from a lot of the above
And I lag in my search for multi-types of love
I keep my mind in the sky
A dirty dove

A material understanding
Pushes me to landing
But is the ground solid?
Id versus Ego (ongoing dispute)

Avoid boxes, walls, reliance on hallowed halls
On certain levels we're all the same
Shit, piss, puke in stalls
Places we feed
Fulfill needs
A spot I like to read

When I sit and shit
I try to expand my mind
Come up with shit lines at times
Rhyme rhyme with rhyme

Me and my mind we take our stinky, sweet time
A misdemeanor; minor crime

Not too quick to shout,
"It's all good!"
As a with ignoring withouts

Take heed as you read
Still want more cheese?
Share peace, seek truth, and love your neighbor as yourself...
Over and out.




Hey all!

It's been a long while since any contribution to sccos for whatever reasons. It's never too late to pick up again, though. For all concerned, I am doing well. Currently a jaded "Junior-plus," Sociology major (possible B.S. by this summer!) living in an icy dungeon cell (supercheap rent is nice, though), I work some part-times and fail at balancing full-time student responsibilities (coming to terms with what I rationalize as higher-ed's weaknesses).

That's it for now...

I should be studying.

Peace and love to all!

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llgp said...

Not sympatico with all the sentiment, but still admiring of the art.