Thursday, March 02, 2006

What the Hetts?! #4: H&R Mental Block AND Phase III Begins

Slashdot reports that H&R Block, that tax-return firm that's always talking about how much money it can save you, has actually managed to "[goof] on its own taxes," which I find to be an amazing feat for a tax-return firm. Not only did the goof on their own taxes, but the amount apparently hovers around $32 million. So if they save you money, will you end up owing it in the future?

What the Hetts?!

Also, Phase III begins now as the Bib-Trad paper is done, and is about to be turned in. Phase III consists of me trying to make it to see at least a bit of CJ's performance and a bit of the tail end of Christie Pub as well, while cramming for a Persuasion and Leadership midterm and finishing a Spanish dialogue. And when I'm done with this feat, I'm going to breathe fire and swallow four swords. Heheh, four swords. Zelda reference. After Phase III comes Phase IV: Operation Don't-Get-Killed-by-the-Dialogue-or-Midterm. Why of all the times to get an actual 1-2 minute Spansh dialogue NOT over the weekend did I have to get it on this Wednesday? This is, seriously, the first bigger dialogue I've ever gotten that I didn't have at least a weekend to do.

It's sad. This week, the usual Physics quiz doesn't have me worried one bit. Not because, as in some weeks, it shouldn't. Because everything else is so much worse.

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nana said...

yes. it IS all about perspective, isn't it?

keep your eye on the prize.

loving you,