Thursday, March 09, 2006

What the Hetts?! #5: Every Tongue Shall Confess...or a Security Breach Will

Warning. Subjects discussed in links (indirectly, here) may be inappropriate for children under 10.5 or so years of age.

Wow. Talk about a great revealing of peoples' sins.
This is definitely a fairly significant breach of security and privacy. Part of me wants to smile, being reminded of the idea that, one day, all sins will be revealed, and thinking of all those old sermons about how, if you don't pray to God, allow Him to convince you to reveal something to someone--even if only in accountability--then Satan will pick a time. Not that there's no flaw in that--it's possible and even plausible that some of those whose names appear on this list have since repented and are working through the issue with different forms of accountability.

Obviously, either way, this breach of security isn't acceptable. But it's still sort of interesting that of all the services that could have had this breach, it was the ignominous service.

"What the Hetts?!"

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nana said...

It's true. The Bible isn't just blowing smoke when it says, You can be sure your sins will find you out. They will.

Aren't you glad we are very pure? Well, at least one of us is. Guess which one.

Love your hetts.
Love you.
Your nana