Thursday, August 10, 2006

What the Hetts?! #10: They Can DO That?

Apparently they've apologized for it, but they ought to be called on it. Because it wasn't a breach, wasn't an accident--oh no, they did it totally on purpose.

Pretty much anything you've ever looked for on AOL may have been among searches done by the 657,427 accounts whose search results were released by AOL. Granted, all of the data is credited to anonymous numbers, but as an article quoted on Slashdot points out, much of that "anonymity" could be easily removed due to the highly personal nature of information that gets entered into search engines, including but not limited to names, addresses, social security numbers, and who is looking for information on how to kill their wives. Your call as to which says more about humanity--the release of these searches or what they contain. AOL's taken them down now but they're still on the internet; I have no idea how legally they are so, but still.

"What the Hetts?!"

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