Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What the Hetts?! #9: Celebrity Celibacy

In the first of a double-dosage of "What the Hetts!?" this week:

Paris Hilton is now out there claiming that, for one year, she will be going celibate. Apparently she is allowing herself to kiss but not to go any further. Among other thoughts in the article: She feels she can relate to Princess Diana what with the media attention, and apparently she's only 'had' two men in her lifetime. Read the article in the link for this and more, including the picture they chose, which I believe is probably one of the best they could've picked given their topic.

There's another one of these coming on Thursday.

"What the Hetts?!"

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nana said...

daniel, i loved it. i went to the site you suggested and i'm still laughing about the last line in the article. why do you love austria? because they pay me a million dollars. talk about blonde. no that's not even blonde. that's just dumb.