Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Random Tidbits of College Life #1

Music: Daft Punk - Voyager

I'm not sure how it'll go exactly, but the Ethics test is now for all intents and purposes out of my hands. So that's a load off my mind. Vector test probably didn't go as well as I initially thought but hopefully when I get the test back (possibly tomorrow; I'm not really sure when it'll come back to us) it'll have some kind of an A or high B on it.

If you know the names of any professors or persons mentioned, who are not named, please don't post anything that makes their identity more known than I've made it.

So Monday, I'm in my theology class. We finish our weekly quiz (Monday was the only class day this week). As we go over it, the professor begins a micro-lecture on one point of the quiz. I totally decide that I want to see if I can make my quiz into a paper airplane before he's done. So I do, barely, then I rapidly unfold it and hand it in to my professor. Keep in mind that this guy has an awesome sense of humor and is, while a fairly formal lecture, not committed to being formal for all intents and purposes.

He looks through the papers and, upon reaching mine, holds it up and looks at me and says "You were that bored?" He then holds it up to the class and says "This is one of our theology majors, here." He looks back at me again. "Do you want to see if you can throw it to me?"

I can't remember exactly which comments ensued, but one of them was akin to "If he doesn't make it, he fails!"

I said okay, and he held the stack of papers as a sort of landing area. I quickly refolded the airplane and let it fly from my seat...And it landed right in the trashcan. Our professor commented "What would a Calvinist say about that?" and proceeded to tell the typical joke about a Calvinist falling down the stairs and saying "Glad I got that over with."

Of course the whole process was highly amusing for the professor and I, and caused much laughter in the classroom. I can't quite express quite how awesome it was.

So I'm thinking I want to do another "set your Bibles to fun" thing. But the topic I'm contemplating is one that could be a bit controversial in this family.


nana said...

what family?

nana said...

i'm waiting.........

llgp said...

You're too funny, McGee!