Saturday, September 30, 2006

Random Tidbits of College Life #2

Note that there's some stuff in this post that might not be the best for people who might be reading over your shoulder of ages less than or equal to 11.

Fine Arts the other day, Doug and I sit with this girl whom we know. Before the lecture starts (I don't remember how the conversation got here, quite) I was explaining why I might feel uncomfortable looking at a series of nudes. But somewhere in my flustered explanation I seem to have given her reason to ask:

"Are you gay?"

Of course this prompted a very quick explanation of how I was very much not. At which point she said "Oh, right, you're Mormon!" which prompted yet another very staightforward explanation that I was not in fact Mormon, either. Also I took no offense at any of this and really just thought it was hilarious.

So this Thursday, which was two days later, Doug and I are riding to the art museum after our Fine Arts classes just got out. Now you'll need some background on this one. In a previous lecture (not the one this week, but one last week I think) we'd been shown this picture called "The Nightmare" by this guy named Fuseli. (You can see the work on this page here. So we're riding on the bus to the museum and I'm describing the painting to Bonebrake, who's sitting behind us on the bus; I say something along the lines of "this painting where a woman's on her bad and these monsters come in through the window, and it looks like the goblin's copping a feel." I'd pointed out the perverted goblin to Doug when the lecture had first been given.

At this point one of the Fine Arts professors, who was riding roughly across from us, talked to us and informed us that the painting was, in fact, supposed to be erotic. At this point we just laughed, because it just made the whole thing even funnier. You learn something new every day.

The third story has nothing to do with fine arts and it actually pretty pointless, but I'm amused by it:

Later Thursday night, after Bible Study, I ask one guy where he was at Bible Study and he says he had homework to do, but thanked me for calling him "to accounts." Honestly, I think I was mostly just curious.


nana said...

if you think Fuseli is strange, check out Hieronymous Bosch, a little more than just the surface. not that you have time to do that, but at least you can put it in the back of your mind and pull it up when you have the time..HA! Time. as usual, i am enjoying your postings. you are delightful.

L-Po said...

How much are we paying in tuition just so that you can look at erotic art? (kidding) It's all part of the big, wide world of education. Glad you got some culture down at the Portland Art Museum. It's good to be exposed (so to speak) to lots of different facets of life. Now, if someone compares a modern artist to Fuseli, you'll know what they mean!

The Mnemonic Film Contessa said...

oh fine arts. was a little inferior to the rest of the creative world