Saturday, October 07, 2006

Random Recap of College Life #1

Music: Sped-up Jars of Clay and and EsDemo1's demo-song-thing

This is different from the random tidbits because those stories are supposed to be funny. This is more of a rambling or recap of the last couple days that will hopefully be found funny by somebody or other, either on purpose or not.

Christie Pub was on Wednesday. It wasn't the most amazing event ever but it definitely had its moments. For instance there's this guy who played violin like crazy; apparently he played the 'fiddle' to be more precise, but I'm not sure quite what the distinction is (I think I heard it, though.) But if someone's got a decent definition of the difference, please tell me. There were many other acts. I also won $5 for being able to fold my ears. How awesome is that? (Also, in your face, whoever thought that was gross back when I started in 3rd grade--I know of at least one person on campus who fits these two criteria:

a) is a girl
b) thought the ear thing was 'awesome', as opposed to the inital reaction being that it was weird)

Told you this was going to be random. Christie Pub had some other good moments too, like the fireman song at the end, or Mike doing a bunch of covers of songs that went over really well. Most especially I enjoyed "Mrs. Robinson" which was one of the songs he did with Luke singing. Also, this band Dispatch (a certain cousin of mine was into them for awhile, at least) got covered twice. The song 'The General" was the one I knew; the other one I had no idea was even them. Oh yeah, as part of the call for random actage, this guy who transferred in this year attempted a cover of Audio Adrenaline's "Houseplant Song" on the spot. For on-the-spot it was pretty good.

I went to see Steel Magnolias on Thursday. I really did enjoy the play. (For those who haven't seen it, it's four scenes from the lives of six women in a southern beauty shop.) The dialogue was good and one character in particular (Oiuser or something was how the first name was spelled, but it was pronounced like "Weezer") was played very well and with the maximum comedic effect. It made me sorry I didn't go to plays on-campus last year; I'm going to be going to the next one, definitely; it's some farce apparently, called Lend me a Tenor.

Academically I did alright this week. Math's a mixed bag, sort of. Theology is going well but I need to study it this weekend. Everything else is good. My first three tests back were an A and two high B's, so I can't complain too much there, although I'll be studying more for at least two of those, and reading my next vector test for stupid mistakes. Also I am going to FILL OUT THAT STUDY ABROAD FORM tomorrow and, in my spare time Monday (and I guarantee you I'll have spare time for this Monday) I will get my last semester Spanish professor a...those form things.)

Jars of Clay sounds...very interesting sped up. Tangent: When I return home for whatever length of time I return home this Fall Break, my parents will have a chance to hear a Jars cover of an old-school hymn. It's not unmodified as far as vocal line, but if you knew the old one its followable/recognizable, and it's done in that style that sounds sort of country-gospel. It's "Nothing but the Blood," and I thouroughly enjoy that rendition. I can't speed it up, though. I'll explain why on demand.

Back to the curve the tangent was spawned from, I'm also enjoying putting things in Discrete Math terms. Like the other day, I was totally in Ethics listening to a thing about abortion and what possible exceptions there were. I totally wrote down in my notebook:

[Backwards capital E sans serif] an abortion x such that x is morally acceptable.

(A backwards capital E sans serif is my way of describing the symbol which in math tends to stand for the term "there exists.")

In English it basically means "There is some act of abortion that's morally acceptable."

It's obvious to me that I'm REALLY off on a tangent now. So I'm going to stop writing. Goodnight / God bless, all.


L-Po said...

Congratulations on winning the $5. That's terrific!

llgp said...

I always thought the ear folding thing was quite entertaining! Glad it's finally, and literally, paying off.

nana said...

Nothing but the blood? Ask your uncle jim to play it "evangelistically" for you some time. you might get an interesting reaction. You can also ask your mom and your uncle jim about huckleberry, huckleberry, ted, ted, robert, robert, robert. another, related, interesting story.

Can i borrow 5$?