Saturday, October 14, 2006


Fall break started today.

It's been a theme in the last couple of days for me to anticipate the next time someone says something about their church being the best, or Protestants being better than Catholics in the arena of truth or anything that even remotely resembles that stuff. And I know if that actually happens I'm going to be calm/collected about it, perhaps a bit peeved, but calm/collected.

I'm such a freakin' Pietist. Like, more than I ever was. And if that sounds funny in context, look up the word. You'll know what I mean.

For some reason I don't get as ticked about it when my Catholic friends do it, though. Also, this post is a bit angry, but I'm listening to angry trance right now. It's quality angry trance, but still. (Hybrid - Falling Down)

I got a crapload of theology reading done today, about 60 pages out of the 303 or so in the book. Heheh, 303. Synth. I'm probably going to go rejoin the Star Wars marathon, but I might skip Empire Strikes Back in order to do some Discrete Math and/or Vector. Why? Not quite sure. Empire's really not the coolest one, though.

If anyone reading could pray for me, because I've been sort of a jerk to people lately.


I sort of wish we Free Methodists had more of a liturgy...


L-Po said...

Would a Pietist use a word like "freakin'"? Just wondering aloud.

I will pray for you.

Yes, I wish the Free Methodists were more liturgical. I wish we said the Lord's Prayer together every Sunday. I miss that.

nana said...

i pray for you every morning and every evening...trying for 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (nothing like being regimented), but always twice a day. and whenever God goes, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel (picture flashing neon lights). I will add this particular request to my collection. I think you are wonderful and I doubt you are ever a jerk, but you know you best. You do have a somewhat of an overactive conscience, however. Don't let it take you down roads you don't need to go. I think Jan Stevens will do a lot to put more liturgy in our particular FM branch. The liturgy is why I, every now and then, hit the Catholic kneelers. love you, Daniel.