Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Recipe for Freaked-Out Parents

To my parents: I don't actually expect you to be too freaked out about this; don't worry, everything will get in on time.

Take one college student with parents living nearby, but not within the distance of same household.
Add approximately one month of procrastination followed by a half-nighter.
Add also relief of student at finally finishing big theology and philosophy papers, although the theology paper took about two hours more into the morning than the philosophy did.
Add also relief of student that his life has stopped sucking for approximately a day and a half; despite the fact that he has vector that will pile up and need to be turned in on Thursday and Friday and will only get about 5 or so hours of sleep tonight, he no longer has to deal with a theology paper hanging over his head. As a bonus, he can imagine his satisfaction tomorrow as he goes to the library to drop off the books he had checked out as part of his theology research--all ten of them--out of which he only used about four or five.

It's 5:21 right now. Can you all tell?

Also: No, I do not plan on making this a habit. I tried that first semester Freshman year and it failed miserably. Note that this semester's GPA, assuming I don't flunk my finals...well I'm hoping for at least a solid 0.2 above last semester's, which would put me at about a B+ average.

I am going to go read some of Gilead and then go to sleep. Good night / God bless.


llgp said...

God bless you, too, McGee.
There is a balm in Gilead.

nana said...

llgp is right. There is indeed a balm in Gilead. hope you got some sleep. i am proud of you.