Sunday, December 31, 2006

More Christian Theology Board Game Cards

This Sunday I have two more cards which will be used in the Christian Theology Board Game. The first is the first event card made, which concerns the Protestant Reformation. The second is an Issues in Practice card dealing with women in ministry--with this card in your theology, you permit women to become ordained pastors and prohibit yourself from completing the Baptist or Catholic sets of cards. So about what all those numbers and symbols mean: First off is the card classifications:

Events in History cards, like the Protestant Reformation card, cause something in the game to happen. Elements of Theology cards, or all those Issues in Practice and Points of Doctrine cards, are cards that can be incorporated into your theology from your hand.

Second of all is the grey three-letter circles on the Elements cards: GOD is the card's view of God (traditional or nontraditional, to account for how traditional the card's view of God, Christology, etc. is), BIB is whether the card relies on a sola scriptura standpoint or also uses tradition in interpreting the Bible, SAL is the card's view of salvation--whether it somehow relies on free will, whether it is predestined, or whether it is universal, or extended to all persons by default; lastly, STR is the church structure. High means heirarchical like the Catholic church. Medium is like a Presbyterian or Methodist structure. Low is like a Congregationalist or nondenominational structure, where things are very much less centralized.

These affiliation notes help you tell which cards are compatible and which ones are not, which is very important when you are putting together your theology, becuase with few exceptions you are not allowed to break the cards' compatibility.

The fractional numbers that austin asked about tell you which set(s) the card is part of. In the top-right hand corner this is abbreviated just the number; in the part below the grey circles you see a number on top, a number on bottom, and a name of the denomination or group or movement to the right. The number on top is which number in the list of beliefs or practices the card represents. The number on bottom is the total number of items on the list, all of which which must be collected to complete the set. As you can see, the women in ministry card has the "Baptist" and "Catholic" names, but both are crossed out, which indicates that either complete set is incompatible with the card. Anyway, that's all I've got for today as far as the cards go. More to come later.

Good day and God bless!

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