Sunday, January 07, 2007

Goings-On; Three New Cards

Here are three cards for this Sunday; today I have The Great Awakening, Modern Methods of Biblical Criticism, and Five Fundamentals. Enjoy!

So I go back to school in about a week. Back to UP. I've had some fun on this break, though. I went back to visit my old youth group at NVF for the Christmas party, which was cool. Actually, visiting NVF in general has been alright. I've gotten to see lots of people I don't usually see and to engage in a style of worship I haven't taken part in in...well, in awhile, let's say. I went to Seattle with my folks for Christmas, and got to see family there, and all that. Whoever's reading might know this, but one cool thing about seeing my family in Washington is that my Great Aunt Sharon, who lives up there, might be the only person in the family I can talk about Math with past about the level of Pre-Calculus. That's not meant as an insult by any means; more as an affirmation that I appreciate having someone there I can talk math to/with. Let's see...

Two Thursdays ago, some friends came over and hung out, and I made burgers. It was fun. We also played Trivial Pursuit, which was cool. My favorite moment of the evening was when a friend asked where my parents were. I said they were out of town, which was totally true. He noted that I hadn't mentioned that. I smiled. "I know." That was a lot of fun. Then one Thursday ago I went to see The Departed with Joel / kokosmasher. It was a very well-done movie. Quite violent with a good amount of profanity, although I think The Boondock Saints has ruined my standard of "a good amount of profanity" forever.

This next week I plan on hanging with Tyler and Doug for a bit, which should be cool.

Special thanks to Matt Prior (this blog, g) for suggesting the Great Awakening card. Good day and God bless, y'all.

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