Wednesday, January 31, 2007

D.Lo Responds to Post Comments

L-Po: Well, get better soon! Call your mother if you want help with your laundry. Cards are cool. However, do you really want to reinforce the stereotype of religion being the source of all violence?

I intend to include a disclaimer that in all the religious wars in Europe or otherwise there are always elements of politics. Some people, for instance the man who assasinates Henry Navarre after he becomes King Henry IV, may be said to be more religiously motivated in their violence. Worth noting is the fact that we often tend to place them among the less theologically correct historical figures and often even among the less sane. So yes, there'll be a disclaimer to counteract whatever effects there might be of that. Maybe I'll even include a "religious repression under Communist Russia or Communist China" sort of card. I don't anticipate needing help with laundry much, and I appreciate your compliments (edited from "complements") on the cards.

llgp: Cool cards! I especially like the first one because I like to say (or even hear in my head while reading) the word "deuterocanonical." The event card is great, too, because so few people are aware of that event and, of course, there's another fine word: "Huguenot."

I should've expected you to latch onto the word Huguenot. It is a rather fun word to say. Thanks for the complements on the cards.

nana: hope you are feeling better. take your vitamins. love your cards. really looking forward to the complete game.

I am indeed starting to feel better and am taking the vitamins, more accurately the medication my parents got me (thanks, guys!) As for the complete game I am thinking of trying to organize a family test as well as the University campus test, each of which hopefully will happen sometime this semester, so if you are interested please tell me.

Now for some Linear Algebra! As always suggestions for cards are welcome. Also I am trying to figure out how to define the Wesleyan-Holiness Methodism in two or three cards and I am trying to do so somewhat systematically and objectively, which could be difficult given the nature of Wesleyan thought as being less "systematic." There'll probably be a Pietism card in there somewhere, so I suppose that's a good place to start. At any rate I should probably finish the Catholic set before I start on new sets.

Goodnight and God bless.


L-Po said...

Please edit your blog to change "complements" to "compliments." We sent you to that big ol' University up there on that there bluff to get an edumacation ... now show us that you got some.

In other news, I think your family would love to test your game.

L-Po said...

P.S. Note the time stamp on my post. I feel so cool ... like a college student.

nana said...

somewhere in my family history there were some Hugenots (okay, so I can't spell) but i can't remember where. I think your Mom found them, okay found out about them.

i think you are wonderful.

nana said...

i forgot to say i would love to play the game, but only if you want to test it out on an over the hill, not very bright about Church history, "older" (REALLY older) person.