Monday, January 22, 2007


So, summary.

Since I got here, I've...

* Been to each class at least once.
* Had exactly two class periods cancelled due to snow/ice.
* Gotten a taste of how bad 18 credits is going to be.
* Hung out with people.
* Gone to Mass/Bible study.
* Noted just how much my roommate Tyler procrastinates.

So, classes.

Modern Western Civilization

The professor is going to be fairly solid. The class on the whole should also be fairly solid. What I will probably enjoy least will be the textbook, for the reason that, well, I'm not going to be exceptionally interested in the material coming in. But I did get to pick the history I would take, and I did pick this, so I can't complain too much.

Linear Algebra

Easier than Discrete Math by a bit, and definitely easier than Number Theory. Right now we're mostly dealing with matrices and related subjects, so it'll require further examination. I had problems staying awake last Friday and am (successfully as of today's period) combatting this by the same method I am using in Augustine of Hippo. The professor, who I also had for Discrete Math, is solid, so learning stuff in this course shouldn't be a problem if I apply myself.

Augustine of Hippo

Confession: I've slept twice in the three periods of this course I've had. Not a good sign, but I plan on combatting it short-term with caffeine and long-term with a bit more sleep. That strategy, by the way, actually worked today. Pun: Unintentional, but I'm not going to change it just because it's an unintentional pun. Class Itself: Should be fun and interesting to learn about Augustine. The professor (same one I had for church history last semester and who is the theology advisor) is going to be solid.

Responding to God

I actually met the prof for this class at the theology-major party and she's awesome. It's going to be fun stuff, although I'm going to have to find time for five instances of an assigned weekly spiritual practice, which could be troublesome, because I also have to find enough time to do said practice for roughly fifteen minutes in a minimally distracted and minimally interrupted space. However the class should be an overall good and interesting experience as it seems to be taking a more experiential approach to learning.

Philosophy of Religion

This should be fun. The professor I know to be solid given my Intro to Philosophy course a few years ago. The material also interests me and I hope to be challenged

Number Theory

Will be fun, but boy is it going to be tough. I have a bunch of proofs due tomorrow, essentially. Not that I didn't do any this weekend, but I should've done more. To illustrate how this class could be, here's a picture that my roommate took of me while I was thinking about one of the proofs:

It's really not that bad and according to the professor (who I am also predicting will be solid) the homework sizes will go down, but the picture was genuinely taken while I was thinking about the math homework.

So, socializing.

General Entertainment and Gaming

Played games (video, like Super Smash Brothers and SoulCalibur II) with friends and with my roommate. Played pool with a couple of friends, too. Generally hung out. Watched some of The Office including the excellent two or three episode arc that ties like half the series' "through lines" or overarching stories together. Also, on SoulCalibur II, I think the plan is that Tyler and I will be playing at least a few matches a week (not necessarily a few times a week, but it might go in in leiu of other procrastination tools like The Office on a given night. Eventually we hope to actually get better at playing the game. It'll be fun because we're fairly evenly matched at it.


I've had the chance to talk theology / random life things / philosophy with people some this semester which of course has been loads of fun. I haven't had quite the two-or-three hour discussions yet but I've at least heard a few peoples' funny stories, which is always good.

So, religion.

Bible Study and Mass

Um, well, I went to CHUBS (Christie Hall Bible Study) last week; that was about it for Bible Study. Also, if you didn't know what the U stands for, 'tis a marketing thing: "It's because we want you there!" is the line used.

I also went to mass (Christie Hall Mass and Chapel of Christ the Teacher both Sunday nights) and I'm doing hall mass again tonight.

The Christian Theology Board Game

This is my sort of independent project which is designed to be a quasi-educational board game about Christian theology. I haven't done enough work in the last two weeks as evidenced by the lack of new cards on Sundays. However I intend to pick up the pace and start doing them again by next Sunday. If I can get enough done then I can take a weekend (perhaps with some help from my closest on-campus collaborators) to put together an actual copy of the game, and soon after to test it out. The Advisor (the theology prof) said he'd be willing to test it with us which could make for great fun.

So, conclusion.

That's pretty much everything that's been up with me lately. Good day and God bless, all. Also, Tyler is procrastinating like mad right now, not that being on Facebook is helping him any.

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nana said...

Glad to know you are still alive over there on the Bluff. From the look of your schedule YOU certainly won't be able to do any procrastinating this term. What a fascinating bunch of classes you have, well, except for the math ones. Those are just unprintable. I will be very excited to hear what goes on in the other classes, especially the experiential one. oodles and gobloons.