Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Cards! and Some Other Things

After failing to get new cards out last week, and the week before, I have two new cards. You'll notice I've put them up a day early. Consider them as covering the last two weeks. I'm going to try and see if I can't get another one or two out tomorrow. Today there's an Issues in Practice card and an Events in History card.

Hope you enjoy those. In other news, school is going well, but I am sick, somewhat. I am happy because I got to see some Smash Brothers action yesterday and will probably get to do some more today. I think my Marth play is getting better and I'm branching out into using Yoshi, because it's really not good for me to be specializing in just one character and their moves and whatnot; I should probably have at least two or three that I'm using; hence I am branching out some starting majorly with Yoshi. On the academic front I also need to start on Math today and get some laundry done today or tomorrow. I got my first Number Theory assignment back yesterday and I got about a midrange B, which is fine by me. I haven't gotten the one after back yet, but I'm enjoying the class even though it's quite challenging. So socially and academically things are going fairly decent, although physically I could be a bit better.


L-Po said...

Well, get better soon! Call your mother if you want help with your laundry. Cards are cool. However, do you really want to reinforce the stereotype of religion being the source of all violence?

llgp said...

Cool cards! I especially like the first one because I like to say (or even hear in my head while reading) the word "deuterocanonical." The event card is great, too, because so few people are aware of that event and, of course, there's another fine word: "Huguenot."

nana said...

hope you are feeling better. take your vitamins. love your cards. really looking forward to the complete game.