Tuesday, May 01, 2007

There's $20 I Didn't Know I Had

Tonight is the last night of finals--after 10:00 tomorrow morning I hope to have everything that I need to do for finals done and over with. I just got done re-reading the philosophy of the philosophy of religion paper I'm writing and I'll be starting either that or history backlog reading at 9:10. It might have to be the latter, as blowout hour starts in seven minutes and I'm not exactly hankering to write an essay while five different hip-hop songs invade my room at once.

Also, when I applied to be on team for Fall 2007 Encounter retreat, I had to turn in $20 to help cover expenses. But I got rejected for the team for Fall '07, so there was an e-mail from Fr. Jim reminding the rejects to pick up their $20. So now I have $20 that I forgot I had. Yay. I'm guessing the Encounter people wouldn't use terminology like rejects, and I don't really mean it in the really negative sense; I'm using it purely in the actual realistic sense--I didn't make the team. It's all well and good though as I'm not really sure at least at this point that I should be serving on team anyway. (You already know this probably, but don't post anything that could spoil anything about Encounter.)

Also, I had a conversation with someone the other day about the experience of seeing my Bible, saying "I should read that" and then not reading it. And how that happens on a ridiculously frequent basis. Then I had another conversation with another friend about it. Then I got fed up. So I'm trying to read it more.

I can hear blow-out hour beginning. Time to visit the Cove, then start whatever I decide to start.

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