Monday, January 19, 2009

It's the Week of Christian Unity!

It's the week of Christian unity here.

What will you do, what prayers will you be saying to mark the occasion?

Personally I'll be doing some praying and thinking about what happens logistically with this sort of thing. It's really easy to pray a big game and forget about the fact that if we're ever going to achieve real Christian unity, someone's theology (or at least, someone's insistence on certain theological constructs) is going to have to change. There's a prayer service I'll be going to later this week for Christian unity, so I'll be watching and listening closely to the words that are said and the implications that are made, if any, for dialogue and theological systems.

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Anonymous said...

Your Grandfather Lower used to say that it is important that we disagree agreeably. I don't think anyone has to change their own personal convictions about theology to be at one with another. It's all about Jesus at the bottom line and the rest is just list of stuff we have accumulated to give us our own personal rules to follow. They should never be imposed by us on another. That's God's job and He is really good at it.