Monday, April 27, 2009


Real Analysis in Class and Out-of-Class: Done. The out-of-class finished about halfway, and I should have at least most of the credit for every problem on the in-class. So this final shouldn't be too terrible.

Four left to go. They're all tomorrow.

Worst thing about all of this: Because of my own stupidity I'm guaranteed almost no sleep tonight. I only got about half an hour of sleep last night and got about three this afternoon. So I'm hoping for basically a little bit more sleep tonight, but there's also:

The good news: which is that after the Crypto Final and whatever food I ought to be eating...basically after a nice late 10 PM Tuesday prayer, I get to settle down and sleep for N hours, where N is the sum total of all the blood and sweat and tears of my procrastination and stupidity and awkwardness and growing in the Love of God this semester... I know Pat wouldn't object to me skipping his prayer under the circumstances, but I can always just nap between dinner and prayer and not worry about it...

Marriage Final Essays due: Done.

Now there's three left to go and they're all today. Logic won't suck but the other two will!

Logic In-Class Final Exam: 1:30 PM. I don't anticipate it taking me more than an hour and 15, so depending on how much time I need for the Crypto final I might ask Dr. Santana if showing up late is okay.

Now there's me, Crypto and Complex Variables.

Cryptography Final Take-Home Exam: 4:00 PM, so basically I get to hand it to Dr. Wootton at the start of my...

Complex Variables Final Exam: 4:10 PM. Basically I carve out about 30-60 minutes for review of this tomorrow sometime.

Now there's just me and a pile of somewhat regrettable classroom performances, but less regrettable out-of-classroom ones!

I love God. It might sound like a "well, duh," statement, but I don't exactly like God at the moment, entirely...but it's in a loving way.

The way things have gone this semester is yet another pointer to a Mystery that some logicians will never understand, because they will, in the words of Chesterton, be "seek[ing] to get the heavens into [their] head[s]."


Anonymous said...

how good is it that God has big hips and can stand it when we don't like Him sometimes. nanabanana

llgp said...

Good good news, McGee.