Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Thought

The thought of God's grace being in any way without an element of violence has become to me a theological travesty. I still believe in God's plans. I still believe they are made to prosper us and not to harm us. But I am not so sure that we can really take the "not to harm us" to mean that God's plans never harm us...There appear to be too many miserable saints for this to be a real, viable option.

Feel free to discuss as you see fit.


L-Po said...

I think life harms us. I don't think God or his (or her!) plans harm us. I think God is all about redemption, about bringing good from evil. As you know, I resist anything that even hints at God being anything other than good. In whatever situation we're in, good or bad (and we tend to "blame" God for the bad and take credit ourselves for the good), I think this is what we can do ... ask yourself these questions ... What can I learn from this? How can I invite God into this to be "my rock and my salvation"? How can I use this experience to serve others? Where do I see God at work in redeeming this situation? So, coming back to your post, I do not believe grace and violence belong in the same sentence.

Anonymous said...

Instructions for use:
1) Listen to your mother
2) Get to bed at a reasonable hour
3) Read something lighter
4) Watch an episode of the office

If I live in misery, it's my choice. God didn't put me there..I did it to myself or let someone else put it on me, or it's my genetic makeup, or _________ (stuff) happens, but it's never God who harms me.

p.s. I love you and that adorable mind of yours that challenges me to (gasp) think.

Nana Banana

Michael said...

The Saints suffer for the sake of Christ out of free will to follow Him. It is not only that God allows it, but that the Saints allow themselves to suffer.