Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dissolve, Drop/Adds, and Dozing

Okay! It's been forever since I said I would update. Here's a brief rundown of stuff that's happened since then:

I did a drop/add on Jazz Band, picking up a Ceramics class which, conveniently enough, meets in the basement of Kenna Hall.

I saw the excellent one-person play "Dissolve" which managed to be informative and truthful without being (at least not on an obnoxious scale) preachy. The actress who did the play had been herself a victim of the subject of the play (drugged usage of another's body) and told the story using several different characters: a dance-club bouncer, a friend on the phone with the victim, a woman who visits the victim afterwards, a walk-in clinic person interviewing the victim for a morning-after pill, and others--including the possible victim herself, who is getting ready to go out dancing while singing along with Nine Inch Nails' song "Closer to God" (it sounds pleasant, but...well, look up the lyrics. I'll spare you a sampler and ask commentators to do the same, at least regarding the chorus.) Good satire, good message. Good play, better than I expected; I thought it was going to be just one long monologue.

Somehow I have still managed to avoid getting to know anyone to any degree from Villa Maria, Corrado or Shipstad--all the folks that I know past the point of name and major are from Christie, Kenna or Mehling. Hopefully that'll change eventually.

I also have a jogging partner, which is cool. Whenever I figure out how to contact her (I'd use the directory but need to bug someone to be told her last name) we're going to go jogging, or something. Before I shave I intend on taking a picture of my neck-beard for posterity. So I will be taking a picture of it sometime in the next two days. Parents, I hope you caught that implication, and I hope it makes you happy!

I didn't do my best job academically this first week, but I got some grace which came seemingly from above and am going to be picking up my pace a bit this next week--in fact I made a conscious decision to start my spanish reading this weekend. I might even do a bit more tonight! Maybe even finish it! Also, those who know me might groan at the prospect, but as a side project to improve my spanish I am going to start translating G.K. Chesterton's classic work Orthodoxy. There's a lot of words in that book to translate; it should be a fun time.

I also discovered upon reading Stephen Crane for my English Class that, contrary to what the entire book The Red Badge of Courage made me believe, Crane is capable of writing something that doesn't have me using my book as a pillow. His short story "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky" is an interesting look at something; it seems to be a western satire, a look at the way that "bad guys" are viewed in literature, or maybe both--it's even possible that I've got everything wrong in my interpretation. But I hope not. Anyone read that story / have any input?

I also slept in massively on Sunday. I'm noting that here to justify the "Dozing" in the title of this post, because I'm not really "dozing" on my books anymore--like I said, Crane's not as boring as he was in 11th grade.

Anyway, it's time for me to go enjoy and/or make productive my evening--perhaps in some activities I could even manage to fulfill both objectives at the same time!


L-Po said...

Daniel, I saw a commercial this morning that said "No matter how old your son gets, he'll always listen to his mother" and that I should talk to you about smoking. Do you want to smoke? Do you need cigarettes? Or do you prefer to roll your own?

k-po said...

and your mother would know since she has perfected the art of flicking her butt