Thursday, September 15, 2005

It's About Time

Okay. You waited. You waited. You bugged me. You said POST SOMETHING. I said "Okay, I will," and then I didn't.

Then it happened again.

So it's about time that I actually posted something about how college is going. My first week was a bad week academically, and I am still finding my "groove." I'm surviving Spanish 301 decently and am coming to terms with my <1%>nth year teaching the course, and the Calculus guy's first year, I believe. By nth I don't mean the way that nth often gets used--to describe a seemingly immeasurable degree of something-or-other but rather literally--as in it's her nth year teaching, where n is an integer that I believe is at least five.

I also went to Youth Group tonight because it was Chris and Rachel's goodbye youth group. Rachel's going to be there Sunday, and it's a decent possibility that I'll be going; Chris however will be moving his stuff in to OSU on Sunday, so I won't be seeing him then. If either of you are reading this, best of luck at SPU and OSU; don't forget to talk to God and study in the midst of all the socialization.

At this point I take a brief break from blogging to go back and recheck something on my math homework--how I proved something using example, when really I should've been more abstract. As a matter of fact I think I've got it now--it involves using the definition (not the formal/precise one, but one of those with delta-X or h on the bottom, or x - a on the bottom) of a limit. And yes, that might be confusing to those who don't know math too well, but basically it involves using a huge-honkin' equation which I previously thought would take much work but which at least in my mind seems to involve little. Anyway, off to pee and then to study a tad more.

...And now it's about 40 minutes later; I discovered the was more to do than I thought. I still don't think I've got the proof I set out to get, but I'm thankful I went and tried it again, because when I did I discovered three previously missed problems! And they were worth the time they took. (I think I may have proved about half of the stuff I was supposed to.)
Anyway, where was I?

Well, nowhere really. I suppose I'll fill in some of the stuff that's been going on in the last few days:

Started watching a speed run with Tyler my roommate, Colin from Christie and whoever else happens to be up for one at that time. Right now we're watching a five-hour speed run of someone beating The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the N64, in five segments. The next showing will be segment 3, and will start around 2:12 (hours:minutes.) The gamer performing this feat is amazingly good. To those who don't understand why this is so captivating: Neither do we. But it is, and it's fun to do, and it's not all about the "movie"--it's also about building up community among the group and making jokes at the expense of the game's plot. Whenever we finish the Zelda: OOT run, I'm guessing we'll be watching GoldenEye or the 70-star run of Super Mario 64.

I also saw two interesting movies this last weekend: Zoolander on Friday with my roommate, and Anchorman on Saturday over in Christie. Zoolander was a fun movie with a few good jokes and one or two that fell flat for me. Anchorman's jokes overall were funny, again possibly one or two falling flat. Neither one is really an appropriate movie, however, for younger audiences.

I've made a few good friends and a few friends period; I'm starting to get to know the people in my hall and seriously need to learn the names of everyone in my wing; at this point I only know random people or roommates of people that I know. It'll come with time, but people are getting down who I am and I'm not getting their names, and so I feel a bit self-centered.

Class is going to be bad tomorrow. Well, today, rather. Up for an 8:10, then an 11:20, then a 2:30. That's my worst day; I suppose others have it worse than I do. But it's hard to beat the 8:10 and 11:20 combination, what with the 8:10 lasting for two hours. However, Monday and Wednesday and Friday there is only the 8:10, and so it's not so much of a complaint-worthy thing. Others really do have it worse than I do. Like my roommate. And having brought things back to where they were at some earlier point, I'm going to cease blogging for the night.

-edit at 1:08: Gah. This time should read 1:07 AM.


Matthew g Prior said...

I'm glad college is going well for you, I hope you had a good class!

llgp said...

Dandy blogging... except you forgot the part about how much you enjoyed spending time with your dear old dad on the way forth and back to youth group.