Friday, September 23, 2005

Good is a Pretty Lousy Adjective

I went to NOW (Not Only Worship) for the first time today. Not a bad thing at all. I will probably be going again next week. It was thing, than I expected. Sang some good songs. Good songs I actually knew. That was good. And good is a pretty lousy adjective.

I'm working on a song. A worship song, sort of. Bug me for the file; I don't feel like putting a demo .ogg up anywhere just yet. I'm probably going to be on Mike D.'s KDUP radio show next week as the student talent, and that could very well become my second song (aside from the Monday Song; go
here for that) that gets played. I do however have a couple of worries: That recording vocals won't come across as serious enough, especially if done Monday song style, and that the song, lyrically and musically, could be a bit too intense for a more lighthearted show like Mike's. (It deals with the theme of Christian consistency, and when I write about the struggle for consistency I tend to be quite dark lyrically.)

I'll probably show Mike the instrumental/the lyrics and then if he's got no objections will try it. I get the feeling I probably won't end up doing it either way though; maybe I just want to be able to say I got vocals down on it?

I know, minimal post by my standards. Good night and God bless.

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llgp said...

You really should cite comedian Red Skelton regarding your sign off. It's an exact quote of how he said goodnight to his audience each night over the many years his television show was broadcast, "Good night and God bless." Hard to imagine that coming from Chapell or Drew Carey.