Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Am Tired

I think maybe I had something poignant to say here, but something or other stole it from me, and my mind isn't registering whatever poignant thing I'd thought to say. My mind seems blank, which technically I shouldn't say because to say so is a logical contradiction--because to be able to make that statement my mind must not be blank.

At any rate I am tired, whatever in this that accounts for. I'm listening to dc Talk, a very fun group to use. Err, to listen to. How I got "use" out of "listen to" is beyond me. It is late. I have an 8:10 class tomorrow morning. Blogging was much easier when I still had the wonder of discovering a new college world. Now iTunes has switched to a bilingual hip-hop song. Anyway, I propose that blogging was easier during the summer because a) time doesn't disappear as easily in the summer, because people don't all live together and b) I still had the wonder of the new college class experience. I do have a lot of cool classes, or at least cool professors.

Tonight Colin and I did physics and it was very interesting, to say the least. On the last question, we each came out with the "wrong" answer--at least the wrong one according to the book. No idea how that happened, but (song is now changed to Crystal Summer's "Simple" -- I got the MP3 from a bandmember, bug me on AIM or via e-mail or via comment if you want to hear it; I'll check it out briefly and if he doesn't mind I'll send it over.) - but we're going to find out sometime tomorrow or something whether our answer is correct or not.

Yes, I am quite tired tonight. Normally my winding-down stage doesn't take quite so long...wait, what? I'm tired, but the next second I feel like sleep will never take me. Is this the effect of being in college, or just of my sleeping habits?

I have laundry to do tomorrow. And some homework, but it should be less strenuous doing some english reading and some spanish exercises than it was doing that physics. I also have a couple of math problems to do tomorrow, but those shouldn't be too bad. Song is now Brent Mathews' "On the Inside"--I'm fairly sure I could send that one to someone too, if they really wanted to hear what was influencing me, but it'd take a longer check. Anyway now I'm in my quasi-energetic mode...and here comes the tiredness back again. Anything else I have to do tomorrow...laundry, english, spanish, minimal calculus (you could say the function h(t), measuring how much homework I have that day as a function of t in days, is at a minimum) and...I just realized I should check questions from yesterday.

(Now two Linkin Park songs--"Lying From You" and "Papercut" in that order.)

And here's what comes up from comments:

Meredith said: So. I'm supposed to ask you about 'Girls'. So. I will. What's going on in the female department? Anything interesting? AnyONE interesting. Ha. Whatever. That's all really. And how's it going? Everything okay? I DO want to come and visit- it's just a matter of timing. We'll figure it out, eh? Anyhow. Know that Im prayin' for you my cousin. I'll see you at Nate and Brit's wedding. Take care.

There's nothing worth mentioning there. Anything interesting? I got invited to do yoga today in the Mehling Ballroom and then she (would it be the invitor?) "couldn't make it." Anyone else interesting? Plenty of interesting people (read: girls), but nothing that merits an attempt at a date. Okay, there wasn't a good way to phrase that. So the answer is essentially "Ha. Whatever." It's going well. Spanish is getting a bit better; I got 18/20 on my first quiz. It's amazing what doing the reading does for one's quiz grade, even when one fails to understand a chunk of it. Thank you very much for your prayers, and I really hope you can come and visit sometime. I will not however be seeing you at Nate and Brit's wedding...I'm actually going to the wedding of someone from New Vision Fellowship, Nicole Nisley, for various reasons.

Now I'm listening to the Echoing Green's "She's Gone Tragic"--I can't send you the version that's playing but I can send the Catastrophic Mix. And I just got IMed back by a friend who was away running; within the first 3 lines of the new IM window was "brb shower" which means that's not actually an influence for a couple of minutes, at least.

Oh yeah, I also have to shower tomorrow. I've got lots of time to do that.

Anything else? I said goodbye to Rachel for real on Sunday, having begun only last week to realize "Oh, crap. These people (class of 05/09 people) I've taken as people who'd be there--even sometimes for granted--aren't going to be there forever." I heard Chris was going to be there too, but he wasn't...But he didn't promise to, and either way...And now I'm the only one in the Class of 2005/2009 left who goes to NVF. And I'm not even going back for a couple of Sundays; at least I'm not too likely to. Speed runs need to take place this week. I need to bug Tyler and Colin and possibly Mike Maass about those. (There's at least two Mikes that I know, and I think there's another one in my wing, also.) Before I get too re-energized (the song is now "Liberation"; same group and the remix won't give you enough of an idea of the song, althought it is cool) I should probably stop blogging for tonight. Goodnight, and God bless.

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llgp said...

I'm still trying to imagine people sitting around for hours watching a video of someone else playing a video game. I know... it's just the same as me watching hours of US Open Tennis. I get the comparison, it just doesn't quite ring true to me. I think it's more comparable to people watching people play poker on TV. Whatever...
Keep fighting the good fight, McGee! Now and then, though, call a truce and go to bed before the witching hour.