Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Hope You Guys Have Seen This

Stephen Colbert is running for President. Here's hoping his...quite over-the-top social commentary has something awesome to tell us about the state of American politics, or at least something funny.

Also, here's an article about a Facebook group started in response to two previous groups: "Barack Obama: One Million Strong for Barack and "Stop Hilary Clinton '08: One Million Strong AGAINST Hilary". These people started one for Colbert and they're almost to 1,000,000 members as of today (as in, I'm looking at the group page a few seconds ago.) I just checked again--and within the last few minutes the group grew 2,000 members.

Granted that nobody's taking the Colbert group or their membership therein quite as seriously as they would with the Obama or Clinton groups, it's still pretty funny that, well, check this quotation from the Colbert group guy:
It's taken Obama's 1,000,000 Strong Group more than 9 months to get 381,000 [384,272 as of my last check] members, We beat it in less than 5 days! We overtook them at 2:25 PM (EST)

Furthermore, It has taken the "Stop Hillary Clinton: (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary)" more than 8 months to get over 488,000 [as of my last check, 501,675] members. We beat this within 6 days!
That makes me happy. Maybe it shouldn't, but it does. Your thoughts? For the record, the Colbert group we're talking about hasn't even been up for a whole month yet, so far as I know.


llgp said...

Pretty entertaining. Go Patty P. wanna be!

Matthew g Prior said...

It is rather sad the state of our politics. I personally want almost anyone but Hilary. I don't think our country could handle another Clinton in the Oval Office. That's just what I think though.

wildweasel said...

Anybody's gotta be better than Bush at this rate, but that doesn't mean I'm going to vote for just anybody. I'm carefully weighing my options here - are they for/against the war in Iraq, energy conservation, censorship/restriction of video games? (Yes, that IS one of my major criteria. If they're going to bring my favorite hobby to the same level as alcohol and tobacco, then they should do the same thing to music and R-rated movies. I've had it with these double-standards.

Matthew g Prior said...

Ever see Man of the Year? Striking the similarities.