Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Music Painting Pictures in my Mind

I'm going to talk about music.

I've listened to this song many a time in the last three-four days. I think it's a good example of that genre of electronic music often called "jungle"--which is either the same thing or very closely related to drum'n'bass. Check out this link and locate the "play now" button right below the description to get a sample. By far not all drum and bass sounds like this, but it's stuff like this that doesn't leave me any wonder as to why the genre is so closely related to something called "jungle." The groove just paints a picture in my mind. I recommend listening either a) in headphones or b) at a decent volume for the full effect of the awesomely fun bassline. You may have to get past the initial wall of sound to understand what I'm talking about but I hope you're willing to make the effort. The sample only goes 2 minutes anyway.

Also, while that song's not one of them, let it be known that I'll be bringing home a good portion of the jungle genre's "disco" subgenre with me this winter break.

(For the record I've been listening to the whole song.)

Enjoy, and God bless.


wildweasel said...

Wow, what a day for me to have my subwoofer fully functional and cranked to the max...I'll have to look up some stuff by this group.

L-Po said...

I'm sorry. I can't reach you across this generation gap. I listened to the song you linked to, plus two others by that group. I would say their music is, uh, interesting. What it sounded like to me was part of a score from some late 60's/early 70's psychedelic movie or some weird action flick from the same time period.

kerpo said...

that was so fast i thought i was on a carnival ride and i was going to throw up. my mom and dad used to say i listened to "jungle" music and it didn't sound anything like this.

D.J. Lower / KKairos said...

that's because they were talking about rock and roll.

this type of music is the sort that actually goes under the genre umbrella of "jungle"